Helpful thing, and thrown off a little.

I woke early this morning after an unpleasant dream; I don't think it was tied to what I was listening to, as yesterday...



I just got another check in the mail. That's almost $200 in checks since I started this blog a few days ago; I started focusing on manifesting money a day before that and saw $200 in donations before the sun set that day. THIS SHIT WORKS, Y'ALL.  

This video is one that I've found unexpectedly helpful with focusing; I often have it playing in a tab in the background, and sometimes head over to it for the images and text that compose it. Reading the statements on the screen while listening to the sound seems to have an interesting reinforcement effect, too;... Continue Reading →

I'm focusing on ways money comes to me. There are expected ways -- income from working, legal support. There are unexpected ways. My imagination can't begin to cover all of them, but there's the obvious lottery (which would be very unexpected, as I almost never play!), a settlement for something, random largesse, I might buy... Continue Reading →

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