Hi! I’ve decided to work on manifesting various things, starting with money. One of the things to do is focus on whatever you’re trying to manifest, and I do that best by writing — hence this blog.

Okay, so here’s the situation

At the time of the establishment of this blog I’m struggling a little; just filed bankruptcy, the landlord threatening eviction, a car that hasn’t worked in months and no money to repair it, and two children (and two cats) to feed and keep safe — while on a very specialized diet for myself that I can’t stray far from unless I want to get VERY sick. I’m using more traditional means of trying to earn money, but focusing on manifestation certainly can’t hurt!

My parents went away on a… wait, hang on

So I did a thing. And things happened.

In fact, just yesterday was when I made a firm decision to focus on this… and almost immediately someone I thought disliked me donated a decent amount to me. I went to get a few groceries at a store I don’t usually use and walked into a sale on the best cuts of meat; then my discount card wasn’t working and someone volunteered theirs. An hour later, a total stranger donated another chunk of money to a fundraiser for me.

Well, that’s interesting. Let’s explore that!

I think it’s time to meditate on some money manifestation, don’t you? Follow along with my thoughts and any results I get (and hey, maybe try some yourself and let me know what happens!)

Affiliate links are a thing.

This entire thing is about manifesting money — assume any link to a product or service is an affiliate link if I can get one. That said, if I link to something it’s because I thought it was worth checking out (unless I didn’t like it, in which case it’ll be evident from what I say and you click at your own risk.) (Well, you’re always clicking at your own risk! Just don’t complain if you don’t like something I said I wasn’t wild about.)


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