Direct Response

There is a very strong and noticeable difference between the days I listen to affirmations and when I don’t.

The overnight ones eventually resulted in having a mental cheerleader encouraging me in everything. When I stop for a couple of nights, I notice a change in my mood and it is much more difficult to remain positive.

The ones I listen to during the day are nearly an “on” switch. I skipped a couple of days and things started going horribly. We’re talking “wait what no you can’t do that, it’s illegal!” and putting the police number into my speed-dial levels.

I started listening to them again today and, in all seriousness, within half an hour there was an additional $100 in my bank account, something started going right, and the thing going horribly wrong got stomped on enough to give me a little breathing room — enough that I can sleep tonight and am no longer afraid to leave the house. I have a plan, contingent on something else, and timing will work out well.

There is a very strong and direct response to these things, and it seems to be getting stronger the more I listen and practice and focus on the affirmations.

The Meditation is Manifesting.

May it continue to do so.

I accept the abundance and good fortune that is flowing to me.


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