Ask and Receive.

I’m back at it hard, and already seeing results.

I got an offer letter today that will serve nicely in the interim.

I’m waiting to hear on something amazing; I’m hoping that I will tomorrow so we can move forward quickly.

And my hair looks AMAZING.

My current practice is to listen to this album, all four tracks either straight through or shuffled, while I sleep. It’s called “Accept the Gift of Abundance” by David & Steve Gordon’s Inner Change Discoveries and I have the oddest things happen when I listen to it. Once again, I start falling asleep more easily and I’ve been DREAMING again. Normal dreams. I have to say, I do recommend this album.

During the day while I do other things I’ll often have this video playing in the background. I’ve had good luck with Trigram Healing’s offerings, and this one does seem to help independently of anything else:


All I can do is keep doing what I’m doing!


*This post contains affiliate links.

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