Opening the channels

I saw something last night in a group that caused me to think. We can ask for what we want all day long — money, love, peace, cheese — but if there’s no way for it to get to us, nothing will happen.

There’s water in that pipe. You want the water. Did you install a faucet?

There is a wonderful cheese display. Did you stare at it and wish for cheese, or did you walk into the shop and ask if they have samples?

Back to the water metaphor: there is a stream that never runs dry. You have a field of crops nearby, but it’s dehydrated.

Dig a damn canal to irrigate the field already.

Today I am working on digging my canal, installing my faucet. I am calling money to me. I need to have a way for it to flow; it’s not just going to appear in my bank account. (Bank errors don’t tend to be permanent.)




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