I slacked off.

I got so wrapped up in the move and other things that I stopped doing the focusing, the meditations.

You know what happened?

It all fell apart.

I would pause and remember and start to do the meditations again, and things would get better. And then I eased back on them.

I lost THREE houses. THREE. Two in Tennessee and one in Virginia. None were lost by action taken by me.

I’m trapped by someone who makes false and irrelevant statements in court filings, and I can’t leave the immediate area until nearly spring, and someone is actively attempting to tear my family apart again.

Lesson. Learned.

Don’t stop doing the meditations.

Don’t stop the focusing.

Set aside time every day for this. Every. Single. Day.

I’m restarting everything now; let’s see what happens. Current goals are great new job, I found an AMAZING house here that I want, and I can focus on things and make them happen.

It worked before. The things documented in this blog are evidence of that.

It will work again. Let’s get started, shall we?


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