My New Place

I was feeling overwhelmed and paused with the meditations for a week… and things slacked off.

I started them again, partly in anxiety; my landlord messed up really badly and we need to move immediately. My area has a choice of good schools and neighborhoods OR vaguely affordable housing, so relocation is necessary. I thought I had some good leads, but they fell through.

I continued meditations and listening to hypnosis tracks for prosperity and wealth while I slept, and frantically searched for a new place to live; I needed to have a street address by TODAY, I thought. (Yesterday now, as I write this.)

Out of nowhere yesterday morning I found a place in a location I hadn’t really thought of. A friend of mine confirmed that it wasn’t a bad area, so I started digging… and fell in love with the photos. It’s perfect. Four bedrooms, two full baths, a TON of land, small quiet town right next to a very well-known laboratory, and affordable on child support alone.

I went with my gut and called the listed contact. It turned out that he’d been laid up for two weeks on muscle relaxers and I was only the second person he talked to; his voicemail was packed, and he couldn’t begin to start fishing through everything.

We spoke for over an hour and a half. The house is on 71 acres of land, there is work for me in the area if I choose to do something that isn’t writing grants, and he shut out everyone else asking for a couple of days while I did due diligence.

He’s sending the lease in the morning.

Let me repeat that. I start focusing on manifestation again, and a perfect house on 71 acres of mostly-wooded land with a stream and near a national laboratory, pet-friendly, falls in my lap. The picture below is real. And I’m practically being adopted.

This stuff works, y’all.

My New Place (1).png


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