Pause to catch my breath…

(This post contains an affiliate link.)

I’ve been seeing such dramatic results from the manifestation, some of which I can’t quite talk about at the moment, that I actually had to pause, back off a little, and catch my breath.

It turns out that another hazard is believing that what you’re seeing happening is real.

It is, and it’s amazing, and the instant I started focusing on things again they started back up again. It feels even easier this time around (a couple of days later.)

I know some of where I need to go to find the people to learn the things I need.

I know some of what I need to do to follow the path I desire — and it’s well within reach.

I am struggling to remain positive and not give in to pettiness; it’s a fine line when you’re watching people who hurt you go into spirals of self-destruction. I let myself enjoy it a bit and now I’m back to deliberately and actively focusing on positivity and prosperity and peace.

I’m listening to “Positive Wealth Affirmations” by Moments of Magic this morning; I listen at night as well sometimes. So far it’s correlating to some of the strongest results I’m seeing, especially with connections to helpful people. If you give it a try, let me know anything you notice afterwards in the comments!


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