Personal history of manifestations…

A thread in a social media group I follow asked “What are your little magics? What mundane magical power do you have?” Answers included always knowing where things are, always getting a free coffee without asking at any café, never twisting an ankle, etc.

Mine is sales. I walk into sales, usually sizeable ones. Free trials, too. I’ve walked into stores to browse and found that an item I love just went on massive sale — but it’s not posted anywhere. I’ve taken things to the register, noted a loose thread, and had them take 50% off on the spot. (One memorable example was dress-shopping with a friend; we found her a perfect dress that was on heavy sale, then 30% off that, then for some reason there was another 40% off THAT, and when we got to the register we saw a seam that needed reinforcing. I noted that I could do the repair in five minutes by hand — it really was minor. The clerk said “Oh, it’s damaged though — so I’ll do half price. Of the final price after all these other discounts.” My friend ended up paying less than $40 for a $350+ dress.)

It’s very consistent. I’ve had people dare me to find something; I enjoyed their shock when I found an exact item, not a knockoff, in an impossible size, for a shockingly low price. Part of it is knowing where to shop, but part is just an uncanny ability to find unannounced sales.

I think the Universe has been trying to give me abundance for most of my life; unfortunately, my mindset was such that “walking into sales” was one of the only things I would let myself accept. (Another was finding random about-to-expire checks from old jobs.)

The poor Universe has been trying so hard to give me prosperity and abundance. It’s time I learned to accept, understand that I’m allowed to accept, and am WORTHY of the wealth and abundance, and made everything easier on everyone.

I’m sorry I fought your generosity and intentions for so long, Universe. Please forgive me, and know that I am grateful. I am ready and able to accept now.

I accept the abundance the Universe has been trying to give me..png


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