I have noticed something that is technically not money-related, but can be linked to “prosperity” and “happiness” among other positive things.

Since I started doing the affirmations and immersing myself in hypnotic recordings, affirmation videos, etc I have seen a distinct change in my motivation and energy levels.

I’m cleaning more — and that’s huge. I’m more positive, though not necessarily more patient, and I am abruptly doing more in the way of self-care. I’m suddenly trying to work out more, and I even dug out my old yoga mat and introduced my children to it. I’m trying to make decisions to move forward with prosperity as a family.

I did get a surprise when I looked in the mirror, too. My hair doesn’t seem the right color to me. That’s easily fixed. I also noticed that the stress lines around my mouth are vanishing, and the lines appearing are smile lines. Quite nice ones, too!I welcome the positive changes already manifesting in my life.png


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