Money Comes to Me in Expected and Unexpected Ways.png

I’m focusing on ways money comes to me.

There are expected ways — income from working, legal support.

There are unexpected ways. My imagination can’t begin to cover all of them, but there’s the obvious lottery (which would be very unexpected, as I almost never play!), a settlement for something, random largesse, I might buy a penny stock that goes huge… anything, really!

If I could think of it, it would be under “expected”, wouldn’t it…

All I can do is expand the number of “expected” ways. What can I do for that? There’s blogging (ask me to blog for you!), there’s other writing (head to my “Blog for me?” page to talk about that one), there’s the book I’m almost done writing — and you can bet that’s going to be touted here when it’s up on Amazon! — and there’s looking for a solid job at the level I suspect I should aim at. (I’m doing it!)

And — here’s the key — be open to it.

I am open to money coming to me in expected and unexpected ways, and it pleases me and those around me when money comes to me in large amounts.


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