Yes I am!

Every morning I set my meditation timer for a few minutes (six yesterday, eight today) and read off a list of 25 wealth affirmations I found. My children find this confusing, but they go along with it. (I figure I had negative stuff pounded into my head, and I don’t want them to have to undo the same sort of thing — let’s start positive!)


One of the things that I have been struggling with is feeling WORTHY. My subconscious still fights back against a lot of it.

This morning I took what I was doing yesterday, accepting the statements by saying “YES!” after each one, and took it another step further.

I made each one a statement, as though I was answering a question.

Yes, I embrace new avenues of income!”

Yes, I am a magnet for money; prosperity is drawn to me!”

Yes, wealth constantly flows into my life!”

Yes, I am worthy of making more money!”

Yes, I do welcome an unlimited source of income and wealth in my life!”

Yes, I am aligned with the energy of abundance!”

I am these things. I am prosperous and rich. (Wow, that one was hard to write, especially the second word. Time to use it a lot!)

Let’s be rich — rich rich RICH — together! Let’s go buy that campground in Ohio, then take the kids to the castle in the picture and then Paris for a couple of weeks while surveyors take a look and report what’s needed on it!

Let’s be RICH and go buy a couple of politicians — they’re apparently for sale at startlingly low prices. Or a drug company, patent a few critical things, and lock the price LOW in an anti-Shrekli move!

I AM RICH. Don’t hate me because I’m rich — come have fun with me instead!


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