There’s something odd here…


For a while now, probably about a month, I’ve had a number in my head. It’s very steady, but not completely consistent.


When I first noticed it floating around in my awareness, it was $15,386.

Day after day, $15,386 would pop up in my mind; sometimes I could almost see the number written on things in the corner of my eye.

A couple of weeks later it changed.


I thought maybe my brain got a little confused and transposed the numbers. (Heck, even now my memory’s trying to claim it was $15,635.)

And then, the day before I started this blog, it changed again.


I don’t know where it’s coming from. I know that the last three digits seem fairly constant; even “9” is just “6” upside down.

Still, there’s a reason that number is popping up, even if I don’t know it yet. Maybe it’s the amount in my bank account at the end of this month? I can’t wait to see!



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