Fear of success? Let’s nail that sucker to the wall.

I’m doing total immersion in affirmations — “I attract financial abundance,” “I always think positively about money,” “I always have money,” etc. And I’m really focusing on them, and paying attention to my own reactions to see where I need to work on my own roadblocks.

You know what I found out? I flinch.

Something in my head is afraid of success. My thoughts go to snarking, to bitchy comments in my head, to anything that will negate the words that I have just heard.

Well. That’ll never do.

I’m setting myself a task: continue with the immersion, and consciously and deliberately think YES! to each statement.

“You deserve to be wealthy.” YES.

“You attract all the money that you desire.” YES.

“You are wealthy. You are rich. You are powerful.” YES.

“You attract money easily in every way.” YES!

“You achieve whatever you set your mind to.” YES!

I can do this.


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